True Story: JGC helps $260m AUM business provide more valuable client experience with less work



  • No online client portal
  • New, remote clients with no process to service effectively
  • Frequent technology setbacks
  • Staff overloaded
  • Marketing non-existent
  • No effective processes in place
  • Stagnant AUM and client growth
  • Ineffective IT, Admin staff and bookkeeper


CRM: Redtail CRM
CRM EMAIL: Redtail CRM and Redtail Email Archive integrated via transporting
APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING: Redtail – Outlook – Time Trade integrated
PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT: Black Diamond-Redtail CRM- eMoney integrated
PFM PLANNING: eMoney with active use of client portal and PFM
MARKETING TECH: MailChimp – Redtail CRM integration
OUTSOURCER: IT provider placed on retainer for proactive firewall, spamware, and hosting server offsite
LEAD COLLECTION: Precise FP – Redtail integrated
PROCESSES: Web to lead, New lead, New Prospect, New Client
NEW HIRE: Onboarded and trained new hire
MARKETING CONTENT: Identified planning-centric commentary to use in new marketing
TRAINING: Trained all staff on high-adoption use of tech
STRATEGY: Provided owners with ideas to create a planning-centric experience, message content and delivery
VOIP: Reliable VOIP system with better fiber internet
OUTSOURCER: Bookkeeper and Payroll using QuickBooks Online
BOOKS: QuickBooks Online


  • New hire quickly working at maximum productivity
  • Senior Planner delegated admin work and provided more proactive planning to current and new clients
  • Owners able to change message, add marketing, and mentor new hire
  • Less work per client
  • Reliable remote access to core software programs
  • Started succession planning
  • Clear understanding of profitability and P&L
  • Offered improved, modern, higher-value client experience



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