Shiny Object Syndrome or S.O.S. Cry for Help?

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we are hard-wired to be problem-solvers. When something isn’t working, it is in our nature and in support of our passion that we commit to finding a solution.

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Unfortunately, though, it’s easy to be distracted by the myriad of ideas we see on the Internet or hear from other professionals that promise to be the most effective resolution. Many individuals fall prey to the madness, turning from one solution to another, chasing the “next best thing” without getting any closer to finalizing the task at hand. Tons of projects are started, but they are rarely completed. And in the case one of these projects does happen to come to fruition, it is often without any evaluation of its strategic fit in the business model, budget, or timeline.

In the business world, this behavioral tendency is referred to as “Shiny Object Syndrome” and is relatively commonplace amongst business owners who don’t have streamlined business processes to handle everyday operations and organize new ideas.

While embarking on new projects can be exciting, especially against the backdrop of your day-in, day-out routine, nothing suffocates productivity and impact like Shiny Object Syndrome.

When a business is constantly divided between fluctuating focal points, the owners and staff find themselves:

  • Stressed out
  • Drained of energy
  • Burnt Out
  • Unproductive
  • Frustrated
  • “Out of Time”

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking a better answer to business problems or trying a more innovative approach to one of your processes. After all, this is how we grow both personally and professionally. But, a handful of unfocused false starts won’t do anything but stunt the business’s productivity and drain what little time and energy you and your team have to spare.

A Cry for Help

When I encounter a professional who appears to be suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome, it is often a result of his or her attempt to keep too many balls in the air. The individual who is simultaneously managing their current clients, drafting this month’s newsletter, searching for a new hire, corresponding with providers, learning how to run a business, is the same person most likely seeking quick and easy ideas to eliminate one of these pain points. Enter the Shiny.Object.Syndrome. (S.O.S.) Call for Help!

S.O.S. is often the red flag that a professional is in desperate need of one of the following:

  • New mindset
  • A lesson in delegation
  • A proven method that organizes new ideas and allows them to “simmer”
  • Recalibration of staff responsibilities
  • Technology for automation and integration of tasks
  • Time management strategies

All too often, as business owners, we allow our pride to convince us we can handle everything on our own if we just work harder, longer hours. But not only is this incorrect, it’s damaging. Trying to “do it all” has the opposite effect by disintegrating our attention and, subsequently, stagnating our progress. This is not even to mention how miserable it can make you feel on a daily basis.

The first step to freeing yourself from the cycle is to recognize S.O.S. for what it is and put the long-term business processes in place that will free your time and allow your business to thrive.

If you find yourself suffering from S.O.S. or are in need of help streamlining your business operations and growth, you might benefit from following our  IDEOS™ process to rescue your company from Shiny Object paralysis and kick-start it back into growth mode.

Good luck improving your business and please share this with anyone you like.



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