The IDEOS™ method to transforming your mind and business

I had the joy of helping a group of larger firms, thanks to CSSI, pivot their minds into thinking like business owners. Instead of giving them my slide deck, I thought it better to publicly share 2 key points that clearly sparked their interest. Below is the cliff notes primer on my IDEOS™ method and initiative planning that has helped transform hundreds of businesses over the years. Feel free to apply it to your business and share with other business owners.

The IDEOS™ Method
I seek ways to IDEOS™ every area of the business, ranging from marketing, client service, and staffing to financial accounting and more. You can apply this same method of continuous improvement to the office culture.

Initiative Planning
As I apply the IDEOS™ method and have epiphanies, I uncover improvement ideas. I document and prioritize all the initiatives into an online project management software.  The software auto-shares the ideas with others and I can refer to it in staff and business strategy meetings. I make sure to add these details:
1. champion for each idea
2. time (duration) it might take to implement
3. start date to ensure the ideas are implemented at a healthy, doable pace
4. costs to budget wisely

You can apply this same method of transparent communication and initiative planning to your business. The clarity is amazing and everyone will love the transparency too!


Good luck as you continue to improve your business!


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