I blame Michael Kitces and myself

Let’s play the blame game!

I blame Michael Kitces for pushing the independent industry into the modern age of continuous learning

I blame Michael Kitces for forcing me to lengthen my attention span so I can listen to more than a 5-minute sound bite

I blame Michael Kitces for telling me the honest truth in that I couldn’t handle the influx of attention that his podcast would bring to my business


I blame myself for NOT creating a business that teaches hundreds of business owners each year on how to run a scalable, profitable business. Philip Palaveev found a way.

I blame myself for NOT finding a way to help more owners enjoy being the owner so much that they want to pay it forward and pass that enjoyment to a successor and watch their “owner-student” shine. Julie Littlechild found a way through Absolute Engagement and her great talks.

I blame myself for NOT writing my philosophy of IDEOS™ on transforming your business. The philosophy works to grow a business and create a healthy culture within the office.  Mark Tibergien found a way through the stage, books, Moss Adam’s Rebecca Pomering, and CEO of Pershing.

I blame myself for not overcoming my fear of flying and asking for more stage time to mass educate those that want to prepare themselves for a healthy pace of improvements and the “full Jen” energy that my consulting brings to your business. You crave how-to lessons.

While I work to shed the guilt and blame through videos like this, I encourage you to get inspired! Listen to my podcast with Michael Kitces, read a few true stories and extract lesson learned, pick a provider that can help you move your business forward, or just read a good book by the greats in our industry.

Good luck as you continue to improve your business!


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