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Jennifer Goldman, Business Transformer, CFP®

Jen brings 30 years of experience transforming over 1,000+ service businesses to thrive. Her mission is to increase the health of businesses so they can provide knowledge and choices to  more employees and consumers.

Jen accelerates the rise of leaders to C-Suite roles, cohesive and effective operations among teams, and more frictionless customer experience through self-created methods: IDEOS™, Aspirations and Business Plan Visualization, Design Thinking, and Productive Collaboration. She utilizes these methods, her intuition skills, and empathy to boost People, Productivity, Profitability, and Growth to businesses open to change and continuous improvement.  

Jen has taught her methods at national conferences and been published in Inc Magazine, Tech Tools for Today’s High-Margin Practice, Liberated CEO, and trade publications. 

Jen’s work path started in her teens at a John Deere Servicing Company, M&T Bank’s Quality Control Division, and SUNY Geneseo’s Campus Auxiliary Services. She expanded her skills in business finance by obtaining the Certified Financial Planning certification through Boston University and studied Enrolled Agent Business Tax studies at Northeastern University. She practiced guiding businesses through several employment positions and began her own consulting business in 2007.

Jen’s humanitarian path includes Good Citizen and Humanitarian Awards in pre-college years, Brighton YMCA Development Advisory Committee Member, Five-Year Brighton Soup Pantry Volunteer, North Andover Town Finance Committee Member, Massachusetts League of Women Voters Director, Community Garden Volunteer, Founder of 2,000+ member group advocating for funding Public School Improvements, and active giver to Feed America and Under the Bridge Homeless.

 Jen’s personal path is her two teenagers, a very understanding husband and pup Sparky, reading HBR Stoics Sinek Brown Grant Kelly and more, watching emotional thrillers, vegetable gardening, and a light workout to maintain mind and body resilience.

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Impact, not work, gives people purpose.

- Jen Goldman, CFP®

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