by Michael Pallozzi on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Jen has been a tremendous resource for our firm. She has helped us recognize many blind spots we had in running an effective, efficient firm. Jen has not only worked with our management team, but has spent a considerable amount of time with each of our team members. The best investment I have made for the future of our firm. Thanks Jen

by James (JJ) Williams on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Jen helped our firm establish a new and better strategic direction that was more aligned to our culture. While the process was challenging, in the end it was rewarding and it helped our entire team develop an singular clear focus.

by Brad Lineberger on Jennifer Goldman Consulting
Thank you Jen

Jen has gotten me out of my comfort zone to make some changes that I knew had to be made but was too scared to do on my own. She challenged me and the entire team to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible. It's been a lot of work but well worth it. If you are looking to make break through change, I whole heartedly endorse Jen Goldman.

by Jason Gabrieli on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Jen has helped push us beyond our comfort zone to get us toward the firm we really want to be. Along the way, she’s provided us with the resources and hand holding we needed to move the needle! I know we will look back on the investment we made with her as one of the wisest moves for our growing business!

Jen has been great at listening to and teaching a team of diverse personalities; helping us to figure out and work with each of our strengths and skills while moving our individual goals into one common direction for a successful company.

Jennifer has been extremely helpful with practice management. Her ideas and cumulative experience helped fast track processes and bring our team closer together. Her dedication to her craft shows.

by David Ferguson on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

As a CRM provider and Salesforce consultant, we have been fortunate to work with Jen numerous times over the past 9 years. She works very hard for her clients and brings tremendous expertise and experience to every project.


Best money you can spend when opening a new practice.Outstanding understanding of our business and what you need for your practice.Will save you time and money. A MUST for any and all of your business needs!

by Pat Herrington on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Jennifer provided fantastic consulting services. She brought to the table unique and interesting ideas and was a great sounding board as we considered different options. One of my partners was skeptical about hiring a consultant; however, after the project was over he said he was wrong and was grateful for the work Jennifer produced.

by Hyacinth Henderson on Jennifer Goldman Consulting
Clarity & Confirmation

You never know what you’re gonna get off the internet. The internet has made it easy to find, connect and engage with millions of folks claiming to be experts in their field however, with all its simplicity and convenience, you still never really know if the person on the other side of your google search is going to be and do all that they’ve claimed. In some odd twist of fate, the heavens opened up and my google search led me to Jennifer Goldman Consulting. My call with Jen far exceeded my expectations. Jen is very knowledgeable AND personable-a rarity nowadays. One 45-minute call with her provided an abundance of clarity, confirmation and direction for my business. The call felt like an intense new exercise experience- the kind where you can’t believe you’re actually doing the thing that you’ve been wanting to do. Yes, you can grow your business and improve operations while keeping your sanity. You’re not crazy, it’s all very possible and Jen and the folks at Jennifer Goldman Consulting have solutions.

by Craig Larsen on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Jennifer has been an invaluable resource for me as I focus on growing my company. Her insightful wisdom, guidance through complex business decisions, and the ability to ask me the right questions and sometimes refocus me are top notch. I highly recommend her services.

by Michael Calabrese on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Here’s how I felt after speaking with Jen regarding the challenges facing my firm: "All this time, I’ve felt like Tom Hanks talking to Wilson the volleyball… Once I engaged Jennifer, I finally realized it was only a volleyball this whole time… Jennifer actually understood what I was saying, spoke my language and explained things with a clarity I have been seeking out for quite some time.”

by Kimberly Crawford, Director of Operations on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

It has truly been a pleasure to have worked with you both. Where do I even begin?  You have been instrumental in not only making our firm more efficient, but in helping me reach some of my professional goals. What incredible mentors you have been as I continue to grow into this role.

by Debbie Levenson, Owner on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

A "boost" call with Jen was exactly what I needed to get started in building the tech stack for my new solo RIA. She's very knowledgable about the wide range of software required and she asked excellent questions to be sure her recommendations were on target. A great experience!

by Michael Brooks on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable when it comes to technology, computer systems, etc. But the value I've seen from Jen and crew extends beyond just putting tech pieces together, but centers around their ability to find out what the overall goal you're trying to achieve and the most efficient and cost-effective way to get there. Jen has helped give me a clear direction as to what is important to me and my firm, as well as what matters most to clients. Clear, concise, and will save you a heck of a lot of time and money.

by Tim L. Baker on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Professional, experienced, detailed, with complete knowledge of industry needed for the role that they play. Whether you consider them as an offsite colleague with skills you don't have or one that provides another perspective as a valuable sounding board, they will be worth your engagement. We made several fintech changes to our practice...and we are confident ALL of our options were explored and properly vetted.

by Brian Fricke on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Our director of operations left recently and we brought in COO to make sure we were operating as simply and efficiently as possible. They've easily saved us 3 months of research time and countless hours of frustration in trying to piece together the technology and workflows that make the best sense for our firm and how we've chosen to do business.They definitely know what they are talking about and have become an invaluable resource for us.

by Chuck Johnson on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

We needed help with choosing a cloud-based document management system. We had recently done a merger/acquisition, and Jennifer listened to all of us to gain input into the decision. They have taught us a lot about software solutions, and explored how the software fits our needs. We learned about what we are choosing, and why. Invaluable!

by Crystal Draper on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

The guidance given to us was beyond what I ever expected. They definitely know their stuff and have proven to be an invaluable resource to our firm!!

by Samantha Russell on Jennifer Goldman Consulting

Jen and her team know Fintech in and out. Whether your looking for purchasing guidance from a well-informed consultant or if you need complete hand holding throughout setup and implementation, this team gets it!

COO’s comprehensive review of my business revealed some great opportunities for improvement that I wouldn’t have ever discovered myself. As a result, COO was able to implement several changes. The two improvements that stand out the most include our new workflows and employee meeting format. One led to a better client experience and the other to better team productivity.

Mark Colgan, CFP® - Montage Wealth Management

Jennifer @ COO helped me streamline my client files by converting them to paperless state. It saved me time, money and space. It gave me the ability to take on new clients more effortlessly. And COO’s Jennifer also brought me up to date on technology practices. She made a significant difference in making my operations more efficient.

Nancy Bryant, CFP® - Bryant Financial Advisory Inc.

Jennifer Goldman at My Virtual COO was extremely helpful in working with me to find a company to provide performance reporting for my firm. Jennifer was very prompt in arranging a time to speak with me. She quickly analyzed my situation and reviewed the options that would be easy to work with and fit into my budget. It is terrific knowing Jennifer is available to be a resource and provide support!

Linda Homsey, CFP®, RLP® - Freyas Financial Services

Jennifer and the entire My Virtual COO team were instrumental in our CRM transition to the Redtail platform. Their expertise in working with financial advisory firms was a great help in that we were not wasting time trying to ‘re-invent the wheel’, but rather they were able to bring us the best practices and techniques that have already been evaluated and proven to work and they were able to tailor them to our specific needs. Throughout our engagement, Jennifer and her staff kept us up to date and on schedule with a minimum of one weekly update call (usually more) and they brought a fresh perspective and special attention to the pain-points and other items that could have easily been overlooked or swept aside. My Virtual COO also opened our eyes to areas of improvement that will be a part of our focus as we grow in the future. Their knowledge of third-party vendors and additional support tools was a great advantage to us in mapping out our long-term technology goals and we will look to their team again to assist us with process creation and implementation as we continue to grow as a company.

Duane Mercer - Chief Finance & Information Officer at Accurate Advisory Group Inc

After seeing Jennifer speak a few times, I hired her team to help me streamline my business operations. While I did achieve that result with the help of Jennifer and her team, I received even greater value in the time I spent with Jennifer trying to clarify my goals and my vision for my company and my future. It was time well spent.

Michael J. Garry, CFP® - Independent Financial Advisor and Estate Planning Attorney at Yardley Estate Planning LLC

Jennifer and her team transformed my practice with their technical and financial industry expertise. I am leveraging technology everyday now in ways that I didn’t know possible. She has increased my firm’s efficiency and improved the client experience. We have completed my initial transformative engagement, but I know her team is still there to help my firm as I grow. Don’t try and figure out your IT and internal operations yourself. Hire an expert like Jennifer. You won’t regret it.

Richard Archer, CFA, CFP, MBA - President, Archer Investment Management

We hired Jennifer and her team to help us understand the highest possible usage of our technology, specifically our CRM, and to help us move to the next highest level of using our programs effectively. Their guidance helped us to gain a much more useful understanding of the features of our CRM. The helped us develop the first three workflows that we have been using to deliver a high level of service to our clients in an effective manner. Thanks to My Virtual COO, we have moved down the road to an effective use of our technology which translates to better service for our clients and more effective use of our resources

Dan Galli - Owner, Daniel J. Galli & Associates

As a result of our rapid growth, our firm was experiencing a number of new challenges. We contacted My Virtual COO, hoping they could help and they did in an unexpected way.

Over the course of an hour Jen, founder of COO, asked a lot of questions, made a few comments and then surprised us by removing her firm as a possible solution for our situation. In her opinion, our entire business needed to be reviewed and possibly re-designed, not just the operations processes and technology.

We did not have a technology problem. We had outgrown our structure. In short, instead of trying to find a solution that would benefit COO, Jen very confidently helped us find the one that was right for us.

From this experience you can understand why it is very easy for me to wholeheartedly recommend My Virtual COO to those seeking to improve their technology and operations. They have the knowledge and experience to design and integrate effective firm-wide solutions. And COO’s founder Jennifer has the integrity to make certain these solutions are truly in the best interest of those she serves.

Paul Brown - Managing Principal, BROWNSTONE Business Advisors

Jennifer is very detail and process oriented. She & her COO team helped us tremendously by improving key processes and workflows. This ultimately led to more efficient and consistent systems. We will definitely be using her in the future as our business continues to grow.

Ricky Biel, CRPC® - Partner at Haydel, Biel & Associates

“From day one, COO stepped in to take action & sift through all the areas of our business to detect problems & underdeveloped/underused systems. COO worked toward goal of full optimization of employees’ talents & time, minimized human error through integration of tools & integrations, & simplified bombast procedures. COO helped our firm go from a pen-and-paper, overworked stressed workplace, to one that was up-to-date with the best tech & procedures. COO is more than handy technicians; they spot any problems in business practices and make intelligent, successful suggestions.”

Mathew Leavis, Marketing Manager at Global Wealth Management

“Thank you for the time you worked with us…you were on point, we hired two new people to supplement the team and this has led to resurgence in attitude and energy. Our staff fully embraces the technology efforts you had us invest in and we are now working to see and use all the advantages Redtail and processes offers us. I have found that using systems that COO has taught us has made relationships with our clients more enduring. So again thank you, you have helped my firm grow immensely.”

Richard Blakeley, The Blakeley Group

“Jennifer is a wonderful person to consult with to make revolutionary and evolution changes to improve processes and efficiency. She is very focused on the bottom line and embracing technology. Great individual.”

Paul L. Moffat, President, Arista Wealth Management

“Jennifer consulted with us and listened to our business needs. She recommended a course of action that didn’t involve her services. She truly has her clients best interest at heart.”

Laura Lion, CFP®, Owner, Barnett Financial Inc.

I hired Jen to review all of my financial planning firm’s current technology & make upgrade recommendations. Jen and her staff were fantastic to work with, the recommendations were comprehensive & thoughtful, and the entire project came in on-time and within budget. I couldn’t be happier with the new systems we have in place and I noticed an improvement in my firm’s productivity and organization immediately.

Abbey Henderson, CFP ®, President, Abaris Financial Group LLC

We hired Jennifer and her team for their Game Plan evaluation of our processes. What I love is that MVCOO provided paths to solutions I could readily see we needed, but also identification of a number of things I had no idea could be upgraded or improved. I love light bulb moments and COO did that in multiple areas. We have moved forward with implementing to the betterment of our overall operation.

Michelle Ash, CFP®, CDFA™, Paragon Wealth Strategies, LLC

I contacted Jennifer recently for help redesigning my WordPress blog. The catch was that I needed the project completed the next morning. My Virtual COO was incredibly responsive and put me in touch with a web designer that was a WordPress expert. I worked with him that evening and  the project was completed on time and I’m thrilled with the results. Jennifer and her team deliver tremendous value.

Michael Sabatino, CFP®, LifeCycle Financial Advisors LLC

The relationship may be “virtual”, but the commitment of Jennifer Goldman and her My Virtual COO team to the success of their clients is anything but! In a take-charge, no-nonsense manner, they fix problems, find solutions and tap into their extensive database of vendor relationships to connect clients with the extended resources they need. They did precisely that for me, and I am eternally grateful! I consider My Virtual COO an important member of my corporate team.

Cindy Fields, Loyalty Alliance, Inc.

“I tasked MVCOO in 2010 with assisting me in creating an efficient and effective wealth management firm. Jennifer’s lead in determining my priorities, challenges and expected outcomes have led to the implementation of effective technology and workflow systems within my firm. Their staff’s wealth of experience in our industry is impressive and means less time for MVCOO to understand my issues and solve them. MVCOO is a trusted member of my virtual team and a reason for my firm’s success”

Michael J. Evans, Founder/President, The Cogent Advisor LLC

Soon after starting our business, we became quickly overwhelmed with new clients which made the flaws in our technology and work flow processes glaringly obvious. We hired MVCOO and couldn’t have been more pleased. They spent ample time with us on the front end understanding how we worked and what we needed. The research they performed was thorough and they went above and beyond explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable before we flipped the switch. The costs are reasonable and the value is solid so I have no problem recommending MVCOO.

Caleb Brown, Partner, MBA, CFP®, New Planner Recruiting

When I first started my firm, I tried to assist advisors with technology, but quickly realized I was out of my element. Thankfully, I met Jennifer Goldman of My Virtual COO. MVCOO is efficient, on time, and proactive. If you are struggling with your technology, trying to be more efficient, looking to streamline and integrate, don’t wait. Schedule a call – You’ll be glad you did.

Ginny Hudgens, Owner, Back Office Advisor LLC

My firm hired My Virtual COO when we started our RIA firm and wanted help selecting a CRM system and implementing workflows. What we got was more robust advice than envisioned. Our relationship has continued beyond our “launch” because we are provided great advice and service each and every month. I highly recommend their services to any practitioner that would like more time to spend finding new clients or servicing existing ones.

Noah B. Rosenfarb, Owner, CPA, ABV, PFS, CDFA, Freedom Wealth Advisors

It’s been a pleasure to get to know Jennifer over the past couple of years. We’ve had several conversations, and I always find her willingness to help matched only by her expertise about the financial advisory business and how to operate efficiently and effectively. Jennifer and her company, My Virtual COO, are a great resource for any financial advisor looking for advice on how to operate their business at maximum efficiency. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Russ Thornton, VP, Wealthcare Capital Management

My Virtual COO is the place to go if you’re looking for organizational productivity solutions and implementation of more automated processes within teams, departments or an entire company. Jennifer Goldman is extremely knowledgeable with a background in operations and a passion for efficiency. Have work flows that aren’t flowing or you’re missing process documentation and automation? Look to MVCOO for the solutions and you’ll enjoy spending *less* time and effort in your work day and spending *more* time focused on your success.

Leslie Shreve, Founder & CEO, Productive Day

My Virtual COO, with their creative out of the box ideas, has really helped make an impact in growing my business. I would highly recommend their services to any advisory business.

Andrew Horowitz CFP®, Advisor, The Heritage Financial Consultants, Inc.

My Virtual COO did an amazing job helping me and my Fund Coordinator figure out how to put all the necessary systems in place for peak efficiency at an affordable price. In fact, my Fund Coordinator is moving out of state due to her husband’s job promotion, yet she still plans to oversee the Evergreen Real Estate Fund for me. My Virtual COO is a wealth of knowledge and helped us make this change virtually seamless. I would highly recommend My Virtual COO to anyone!

Neil Katz, CEO, Evergreen Real Estate Fund

My Virtual COO was an invaluable asset in facilitating the setup and rollout of my independent wealth practice. Thanks to COO’s knowledge and organizational skills, I could easily say that they saved me thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars as a result of her assistance in this situation. Most importantly, we have been able to focus on our clients while leaving the details to My Virtual COO.

Todd Calamita, CFP ® Owner Calamita Wealth

MV COO and Jen Goldman gave us some great advice on our marketing and our website setup and turned us on to someone in their collaborative. Ken Kinard (of Accent Interactive) redesigned our website to our exact specifications and assisted us with some other site transition issues. Now, I really get the concept of “do what you do best and outsource the rest!” There is no better group to call than My Virtual COO!!!

Stephen Ahern, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Wealth Management Advisors LLC.

My Virtual COO was able to connect us with a contact of theirs who was looking for a financial planning position. In our business getting the right people on your team is essential to long-term growth. We owe My Virtual COO a huge thanks for the referral.

Patrick Collins, Principal, Greenspring Wealth Management

My Virtual COO has a real passion for their work and does not stop until the problem is solved. COO is a great sounding board for different ideas and always comes up with new ideas that most people have not considered. I highly recommend Jennifer and her team at My Virtual COO.

Gabe Trasatti, CPA/PFS, Trasatti Wealth Planning

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