Our Process

1. Free Business Health Assessment

This free assessment will give you a score and the choice to DIY your improvements or inquire into JGC’s services. The assessment touches on these business areas: business development, finance, management, client experience, marketing, productive collaboration, talent development, technology, and time and energy management.

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2. Inquiry Call

Join Jen for a 15-minute call to meet, share your business goals and hurdles, and learn more about Jen's consulting and coaching services.

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3. Listen-Share-Show Call

Jen will listen to your business hurdles, share stories of businesses that have overcome those hurdles, and show visual examples of how she works collaboratively with your executives and team to earn trust, buy-in, and boost scalability and ease of management.

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4. Reference Checks and Agreement for Services

Jen will provide 2 references and the Agreement for Services. Beyond the references provided, you can contact any of her LinkedIn connections or those that have provide LI or Google Reviews.

5. Engage Us

YEA!!! You have signed the agreement, mailed first month’s retainer, and are ready to go!

6. Schedule the first set of calls and send us information

It is Jen’s job to understand your business and come to every call with an agenda and a goal of making it very productive. Thus, we ask that you send us any or all of these documents in advance of the first call: List of Team Members and email addresses, Profit Loss Statement, Job Descriptions, Client Service Descriptions, Business Plan, Video or Pictures of Office Space, Marketing Brochure, and anything else you’d like us to review in advance of the 1st call. On the first call, Jen will ask many questions to speed-learn your people, business, and goals. And before the end of the call, she will create and share the first online draft of the Master Business Plan of Ideas and Initiatives. On subsequent calls, Jen will reference the master plan, explain the recommended priorities and impact of ideas, and work with you to understand and devise an implementation plan that provides the most positive impact to the business, your team, and your clients.