Consulting & Implement Services

Boost Call Optimize Ongoing Tech Ops Guidance Game Plan DIY
Hours45 minutes 10 hours 5-15 hours30 hoursClick Here
Recommend new software to add or replace existing  
Recommend integrations 
Recommend providers, i.e. compliance, marketing  
Identify staffing gaps and business growth opportunities      
Demonstrate software and integration choices  
Provide recommendation costs    
Learn how you operate (marketing, sales, client service, etc.)  
Provide client servicing segmentation worksheet to accelerate clarity  
Provide optimization recommendations & implementation training      
Build customized workflow during screen sharing session with staff      
Review current software use and data    
Provide software and USA-based outsourced providers master list    
Recommend appropriate data flow for each integration    
Prioritize recommendations based on business cycles, impact and capacity    
Provide milestones and durations for each recommendation      
Recommend staff assignments to projects      

Project Management

Best Practice Management Project Management Assistance Active Project Management
For firms that have a dedicated staff person to manage the project and need our expertise to strategize and help the firm make the best decisions. For firms that have dedicated staff person to help and need us to manage the project, strategize, and help the firm make the best decisions. Dedicated, experts to manage change, vendors, timeline, coordinate calls/work, implement integrations, provide training, and create workflows.
Hours per month51015-30
Directories of providers, worksheets and workflows to provide advice and resources 
Monthly Strategy Call
Training on how to turn on integrations
Instruction on how to create your workflows
Unlimited email correspondence
Monthly project management call  
Train staff leader on optimal use of tech (Train the Trainer)  
Train your staff on optimal use of tech  
Weekly Project Management Call   
Active management of vendor's implementation team    
Active management of each project and staff involved in project    
Implement integrations on your behalf    
Creation & input of custom workflows