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True Story: JGC steers $2.1b AUA firm to 75% productivity increase, better client experience, and scalable business

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Business isn’t growing
Profit margins are in the single digits
Clients want, but don’t have, transparent access to information
Staff aren’t productive
Tech is antiquated
Marketing is non-existent
Manual entry work in Excel is abundant along with one-off reporting
No formalized processes, sales tracking, reporting, tasking
No staff mentoring or active business improvement management

$2.1 billion AUA
4 senior owners and 2 owners-in-waiting
9 staff
Clients are HNW families and institutions (schools, pensions, banks)
Investment management and oversight services provided

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We assessed the business revenue model and pricing, client segments, memorized processes, marketing, staff skills/wishes/capacity, and tech. We presented a master plan of recommendations, costs, implementation timelines, champions, and benefits of each recommendation. We then “sold” the benefits and possible impact of the recommendations to receive approval to implement a few ideas below:

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