True Story: Business Attracts $30K Using 4 Cost-free Development Strategies

Here is how one service-based business uncovered and quickly closed $30,000 in new recurring revenue within 6 months.  This handful of improvements also improved morale as the team was concerned about growth. And the best part is all these steps cost only labor time and no outlay of money. Here are the four improvements:

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Revisited influencer business clients
Our business client called their B-to-B owner clients, that had a good following of other business owners, and asked if they knew any other business owners that might need their help. Our client purposely reviewed their list of services, which reminded their client of everything they could do. This effort uncovered new business with existing clients and led to warm connections with potential clients.

Educational video marketing
Our business client began producing educational, 2-minute videos and shared them on social media and in their newsletter. They covered topics that are appealing to their ideal client and included a very specific call to action—to schedule an introductory call. Their videos added value to their audience, built trust in their team, increased viewers as social media algorithms boost videos over text messages, and kept their business top of mind to prospective clients.

Narrowed and reached out to their referral source list
Our business client fully scrubbed their referral source list to match specific criteria and set a goal to talk with two referral sources a week.  They focused on quality vs. quantity, of referral sources, and found that less is easier and better.

Asked for Google reviews from past clients
Our business client emailed clients and influencers their Google review URL link. Each Google review raised their Google ranking, making their business quicker to find and leaving time and energy for the viewer to read their website home page and possibly book a call.

This business story proves that sometimes all it takes is good, old-fashioned strategic planning and a little elbow grease. While extra time and energy are hard to come by, this effort was well worth it as it produced tangible results.

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