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True Story: How $600 million AUM Advisory Firm improved profitability and culture

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JGC created a master business plan that assessed the business revenue model, profitability, client segments and services, staff roles and responsibilities and profitability margins. We empowered the Lead Planner and CIO into greater roles, created champions and gave authority for each new improvement, provided the President with a suitable succession plan that capitalized on their passion for marketing and business development, clarified roles and skills to develop, and attracted more qualified staff to boost firm productivity and progress.

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“As roles and responsibilities changed, we were able to work smarter not harder. We eliminated unnecessary work to focus on what each of us does best. Everyone can now play to his or her strengths. We were always a very collaborative team with each employee playing an important role, but it was helpful to have someone on the outside looking in, keeping us accountable and challenging our thought processes on some things. Working with Jennifer helped build a deeper trust within an already close team.
A lot changed, but our commitment to servicing our clients well and our core values and philosophies did not change. The way we did things changed, but not the why. We are still always putting our clients first.”
 –Anonymous, President

“As a firm, we have experienced palpable transition in a fairly condensed time period: ownership, technology, processes and expectations. Change, whether it be in business or something more leisurely (like one’s favorite app) can elicit a spectrum of response. For our firm, there laid both enormous opportunity and acknowledged challenge.

When we partnered with Jen, we were a firm that was restarting its engines. We almost all understood that revamping our technology stack would not only address one of our biggest challenges, but also lay the groundwork for future opportunities. Jen took time to understand our needs and goals and helped narrow the technology landscape to the offerings that made the most sense for our firm.

As we began implementation, we also began charting our new course for the future while Jen, on occasion, acted as a compass to provide orientation. As our engagement with Jen concludes, we recognize part of our future success is based on an endogenous cycle of improvement, innovation and implementation. The other part is based those elements of our firm that have remained persistent- our core values, our support for one another and our focus on client service.

As a firm we look forward to keeping our legacy going into the future.”
-Anonymous, Co-CIO



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