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Business Plan Visualization and Achieving your Business Goals


Success begins in creating an effective plan to reach goals. Our goals could be aiming for a promotion, doubling our business revenue, losing weight, or quitting a bad habit. Our vision and goals give us purpose and guidance.

Entrepreneurs work hard to turn their visions into reality, but of course, there will always be challenges along the way. The first step to achieve your goals is to devise the best plan of actions.

So, could you tell if you’re doing the needed actions and not just following random pieces of advice? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article. Here are the game-changing tips on how to get your desired results and buy-in.

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Step 1: Understand the core business elements

Focusing on each business element is important if you’re aiming for permanent, lasting improvements that help reach your goals. Here are the elements and why they’re important:











Step 2: Ask “what can I IDEOS™ to improve the business”

So, what in the world is IDEOS™ and why is it important to your business?

IDEOS™ is our mantra used when assessing each area of a business.  [5]
When you ask yourself “what can I IDEOS™?”, you will uncover time, money, and energy drags. Through collaborative discussions with your team, you will devise ideas to eliminate the drags and allow your team and business to rise up and grow. And the bonus is this mantra will help you adopt a habit of always thinking of new ideas to boost the business.


Step 3: Document each idea into an online white board

As soon as you take note of your ideas, your brain tends to take it more seriously. We all have bright ideas, but how often do we forget them before we can take productive actions? A vital step in between having great ideas and doing the necessary actions is by taking the needed steps from inside your head to the outside. One practice you can do is to document them in a notebook or an online white board, that turns it from subjective to objective.


Step 4: Prioritize the ideas and assign a leader to each

After recording your ideas, the next step is to implement a plan to turn these ideas into productive actions, which will provide the best results. Assign a manager or a leader for each of them so you can get the assistance you need to create positive outcomes from your ideas. Ask these leaders for updates and feedback on what else can be done to improve the workflow.


Step 5: Go!

Just go for it! If you know you have the right improvement plan for your brand, don’t hesitate to act. Your visions and ideas won’t mean anything if you don’t do anything with them. Implement the best plan, take calculated actions, and always be open to making any adjustments.


A visual improvement plan allows clarity, buy-in, and understanding of the importance of every action and how it leads to reaching business goals. And while growing your business is no easy feat, you reading this article shows your dedication to your goals and that is progress unto itself. So, if you find yourself needing assistance, talk with us about our Services [6] or purchase our Productive Collaboration Course [7] and download templates within the lessons.

As always, health and serenity to you!

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