To be or Not to be a Trainer of Your Business Leader

At some point in business growth, the founder needs to decide if they want to be the visionary or management leader.

As the team grows, this founder must decide if they want to mentor and develop the next leader. And if they do want to mentor and develop, they must assess their management training and leadership skills, capacity, and patience.



For those that want a successful, thriving, multi-generation business, it is time to introduce leadership coaching and management training programs. It is also time to hire yourself a business coach or psychologist to provide mental help on being open to your upcoming leader’s ideas and need for rising levels of authority. The goal is to evolve with the least amount of hesitation and anxiety, while maintaining a healthy work culture and openness to change.


The benefits of having a mindset open to rising leaders:

  • Attraction and retention of great hires
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher-level, creative thinking and innovation
  • A positive, inclusive company culture
  • Effortless buy-in from staff on change


Next Steps – Apply This Knowledge

Ask your peers if they know of and can connect you to a consultant or coach that focuses on business leadership and/or management training.

Ask your providers if they can recommend a consultant or coach.

Ask your business owner friends and clients who they might recommend. They will respect your effort to improve the business and realize you are investing in the future. Investing translates to improvements that benefit them and increased capacity for new clients (hint: send me referrals).


Reflect and Prioritize

If you read this article and are nodding, Congratulations! You are at a tipping point in the expansion of your business! So, be brave and make the right decision for you. Don’t be blinded by ego, what others are doing, but rather do what is best for you.

As always, health and serenity to you and reach out if you want to talk!


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