Time Management Hack

I wanted to share an epiphany that protects your time.

We all know that managing our time isn’t easy. And many smart business leaders and owners have implemented a time scheduling system to manage calls and meetings. However, we haven’t figured out the secret sauce to managing our personal time, especially when it intersects in our work day. So here is a hack I devised to let my personal seep into my work day and manage it effectively.

The Hack

I created a private appointment link in my appointment scheduling system. I saved the URL on my mobile device’s home page and on my computer internet browser’s favorites bar. Whenever I make a doctors appointment, have a sports event, or just a meeting with my kids regarding school work, I schedule it in using this link.

This hack eliminated:
* getting booked back to back
*squeezing in something I can’t do
*nagging family members with reminders of the appointment

The setup is flexible and offers:
*30 min time slots, 7 days a week, during awake hours
*Location of phone, conference call, or in person
*Time slots starting at 00, 15, 30, and 45 minutes
*Adding guests (husband, kids, others)
*30 min buffer so nothing is booked within 30 minutes of another event
*2 hour reminder (for my kids, who sometimes forget to get ready for something as they are glued to their phones)
*Ability to title the event and reminder whatever way I want (i.e. Appointment with Dr. X)

Here are the visuals to help you setup your own time management hack:
(don’t let my Calendly-formatted examples stop you – you can do this in other appointment software programs)


Hopefully this time hack helps you manage your time, and energy, better. If you still seek more tips, check out my Time Energy post or  Time and Energy Management Course here.

Just remember, you aren’t in this alone – we all battle with energy and time management.

As always, health and sanity to you!


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