The benefits of automating your processes (with a few tech tips)

Has it been years since you last took a fresh look at your business processes? Do you have duct tape holding your business together?

Efficient business processes are critical to the successful management of every financial advisory business.

What are Processes?

Processes are, at their most basic level, a sequence of steps that instruct your staff on how to complete tasks efficiently. 

You probably have processes in place to accomplish virtually every task undertaken within your business. For example, when it’s time to onboard a new client, a detailed process can instruct your staff on what to do, when to do it, and which staff member owns each step of the process.

What are the Benefits of Processes?

  • Simplify training and clarify staff responsibilities
  • Automate actions and work to reduce labor
  • Free up staff time to focus on revenue-generating activities.
  • Enable a team approach to improve client satisfaction
  • Provides reports showing ongoing workflow and bottlenecks

The payoff is worth the effort, as processes ease the need to hire additional staff. With free time, employees can work at their highest skill level, focus on projects helping further scale operations, & increase revenues. This allows you to focus on your highest priorities whether meeting top prospects and clients, networking or getting home a little earlier.

Tech and Tips to help

Redtail CRM Workflow Templates
Redtail Automated Workflows
Salesforce Process Builder
Junxure Sequences
Wealthbox Workflows
Method of creating and refining your processes

Embrace this Thought!

Automated processes to free you from burdensome activities and spend more time on nurturing your client relationships, mentoring your staff, and growing your business.






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