Superwoman and the Bus to Happy Business Land

I am a transformation specialist. That means I swoop in and fix, like Superwoman. And just like Superwoman, I don’t give hugs, I don’t give you amble time to build trust in me, and I am judged on what is successfully accomplished and measurable. My job is to transform your mindset and how you operate while getting your client base and staff flourishing, rather than starting the slow decline to death. It is a tough job, it takes rigor and focus, and it is unforgiving of major mistakes.

My superwoman role means I am…..

Not a bobble doll – You don’t hire me to listen and just nod my head.

Not a myth seller – You don’t hire me if you want to work 4 hours a week and give no authority to another person to run your business.

Not a professor – I will not write you a dissertation about change, the tenants of a thriving business, and a list of things you need to change and then let you simmer on those thoughts for several months.

Not a psychologist – You don’t hire me to say your business with thrive if you take years to ponder questions and think things through.

Not a leech –I will take the risk of being disengaged for the greater good of creating a flourishing business. Thus, I will share thoughts that are tough to hear, no matter how carefully I choose my words.

Transforming your mindset, your habits, and how you operate is DIFFICULT!! So is the realization that you need expert help.

We can’t be good in everything.

Here is what I am…….

I am your map master – I will chart the course to “Happy Business Land” and choose the pit stops.

I am your tour guide – I will get the right people on the bus, in the right seats, and set expectations. I will constantly explain that there is no option for idle time. Detours happen and we need to build in time for the detour and getting back to the main road.


I am your drivers ed teacher – I will train the bus driver and passengers, some who will become bus drivers someday.

I am your cheerleader – I will remind you to celebrate wins so your passengers go from disengaged to happy.

I am your mechanic – I will repair things so the bus keeps moving.

So, if you hear that I am tough, act like a disappointed mom, or don’t act like a party bus tour guide, just know that I care greatly. It is my job and mission to transform you into the great, thriving, legacy business you were meant to be.



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