Stop Dying and Start Living!

The people on your strategy team directly impact the positive growth in your business.

If you lack a strategic team, you have ask if there is a culture of managing by telling, not selling. Or maybe your execs don’t care about the team buying into ideas. Most often businesses lack strategic team members because

“ideation, accountability to clarifying concepts, and change is too uncomfortable”

We tend to avoid the uncomfortable and thus, attract and groom followers, not upcoming leaders. I see this repeatedly in services businesses and it is the main reason most businesses do not thrive and reach their goals of culture, profitability, and ease of effort.

While this lack of team building knowledge keeps me in business as a transformation consultant, I rather see businesses do this on their own so they don’t continue on the slow death march. Every time a business starts dying, jobs are lost, hope is lost, and consumers are not receiving the expert help that service businesses provide.

So I ask you to stop dying and and start living by learning to create and support a strategy team that will bring clarity, solutions, and amazing results to your business. And if you fear being uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to hire a business or personal psychologist. The right help is priceless.

Criteria for Strategy Team Members:

  1. self-learner
  2. confident
  3. quick to provide feedback on ideas (no analysis paralysis)
  4. strategic thinker (considers pros and cons of all ideas)
  5. motivated to grow the business
  6. a champion of deliberate change
  7. able to keep up with the pace of discussion and change
  8. willing to put the business needs’ before their own needs
  9. trusted and perceived as a leader
  10. energetic

steps to creating the impactful team:

  1. Have all staff complete the Performance Assessment
  2. Interview each person that seems to meet the criteria. Explain you are creating a strategy team and listen to their reaction to possibly being appointed as a member. Your gut will guide you on whether or not they are a possible pick.
  3. Gather the possible team members together, discuss the purpose of creating the team, and ask them to create a Top 10 items list of change ideas they  want to research, and have them present this to you within 30 days.
  4. During the presentation, ask deep-dive questions, how they felt working together (watch the non-verbal responses), how they feel about being appointed to the strategy team, how often they believe they should meet, what pace of discussion and decisions should occur, and what pace of change and implementation they would expect from the firm.
  5. Appoint those that seem to excel and tell them it is a 3-month trial appointment and if all goes well, it will be extended to 1 year and they will receive a year-end bonus for their help and time. You want to empower and incent them to give their best effort.
  6. Pre-schedule a monthly meeting with the strategy team so they know they have your support, attention, and expertise accessible to them on a consistent basis.

Now get going, enjoy the revived culture, and embrace the energy and growth!


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