PODCAST: Growing Your Business Through Change Management

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How do you Attract, Retain, and Energize Talent while also coaching them to operate a bigger company?

Growing businesses struggle with retaining and energizing their topnotch employees.

By energizing, I’m talking about taking ownership – staying focused on the task at hand AND passionate about the business succeeding enough, to give it their all and more.

  1. What does it take to retain, energize AND attract more all-stars to your team?
  2. How do you do this while also developing your rock stars’ business and people management skills and not losing your patience?

Join Jon Kuttin, CEO, Kuttin Consulting Group and me, for a raw and honest discussion about the pitfalls and wins around attracting, retaining, and keeping your first-rate people passionate and committed.


As always, health and serenity to you!


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