Learn how to become a Professional Buyer of Advisory Businesses

Per PFI, numerous industry studies point to record levels of deal making in 2018. The volume of deals is expected to increase dramatically as many advisors want “out” of operational responsibilities and back office management.

However, PFI is finding that many buyers don’t fully understand the complexities involved in executing deals and integrating firms to realize the ROI.  In order to capitalize on the purchase, firms need to increase their technology investments, improve management capacity, hone their communications skills, and develop operational infrastructure in order to succeed.

PFI has provided us with their latest installment in our “Becoming a Professional Buyer” research series.  This white paper highlights five industry leaders and the lessons they have learned from their varied experiences in the M&A arena: Aspiriant, Beacon Pointe Wealth Advisors, EP Wealth Advisors, Mercer Advisors, and Parallel Advisors.

Please click on the report below — we hope you enjoy and share this with others!

PFI Advisors White Paper-Becoming a Professional Buyer Part 2


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