Gut check and how Women can learn from Men

I believe women have more digestive issues than men because we don’t trust our gut.

After 20 years in a male-dominated industry (financial services), I watch men continuing to thrive and remain healthy while women suffer from digestive issues. I think we can learn from men on why they prevail. Disclosure: This message doesn’t apply to all women; I am generalizing to keep this message clear and brief.

Men have a knack for trusting their gut and staying confident through decision making processes. Women have a knack for second guessing their gut and twisting themselves into knots during decision making processes. Women probably second guess their gut on decisions as they have experienced being second guessed by men.

Trusting your gut is healthy for you and your staff

It is time to get over that experience and embrace the truth. Women need to adopt the man’s way of decision making and management to save our guts and embrace our roles as leaders, business owners, and more. We need to read John Hopkins to learn that our gut has a brain. We need to acknowledge that an unhealthy gut creates anxiety for you and impacts your staff and office culture. Finally, we need to stop second guessing our gut reaction to issues and decisions.

Our gut is right so just go with it!

Good luck trusting your gut and Carpe Diem!


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