DIY tips to improving your processes


Process improvements produce permanent solutions, capacity among staff, and a better client experience. The most difficult part of improving is getting started so here are a few tips to make it easier:

AVOID messy white boarding – it just creates more confusion

EMBRACE colored markers and white boards or poster paper – it makes process redesign more fun

DOCUMENT the process (with improvements) into a simple Excel chart that follows the What, Who, How, Tech, Elements format below

STEP AWAY and reflect on the inefficiencies you uncovered and possible solutions

CELEBRATE questions and avoid rushing to provide answers. Harvard’s Gregersen provides us with a method called Question Bursting  and it is a very productive way to improve processes.

So if you want to focus your employees’ limited time on more valuable work? Or you believe the client experience is not as streamlined as it could be? The answer to these challenges and more is business process improvement (BPI). Every process can be made more effective, cost-efficient, and adaptable to changing business needs. The good news is you don’t need to be a BPM expert to get great results. Just follow the tips above.

You will love the outcome and hopefully make this a habit to tackling future business challenges. Carpe Diem!





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