Building Your Virtual COO: A quick solution to improving the Staff Experience

   I’m back with the next step in building out your virtual COO!

We’ve found that functions, roles, and responsibilities are not being reviewed enough to find methods to eliminate work and burnout. We all know that your people represent your firm. If they aren’t well-utilized or are overworked, this can negatively impact the client and lead experience, referral’s trust in your business, and the mood and culture inside the office. And in the end, it will slow down your business growth and decrease your client retention rate.


It’s incredibly important to take care of your people and avoid burnout.


So we are sharing our solution – the function chart . Once you identify the the major areas of the business, you can write the names of the people that fill each role and see who is wearing too many hats. This visual realization will guide you to which areas of operations that need elimination of work through integrated tech and efficient workflows.

Function Chart

If you revisit this chart every 6 months and make a few changes in how you operate, you will reduce the chance of burnout and a declining office culture and client experience. The most successful firms acknowledge the multiple hats worn and continuously seek smart, affordable methods to reduce the workload.

So invest in your people, build out a function chart, seek help if you can’t do it on your own, and help your firm move forward to continue to build a great virtual COO and enhance the client and staff experience.

If you rather complete the chart and learn of solutions you can implement today, take advantage of our one-time Boost Call. We can complete the chart with you while also providing a few quick wins you can implement.



Authored by Jennifer Goldman, CFP®

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