A constantly evolving list of Roll Up RIAs or Equity Partners to consider


Here is our continuously updated list of firms that you can join, have as an equity partner, or be acquired by.

We also are privately documenting the arrangements offered by each firm, which include differences such as:

  1. provide cash in return for equity position
  2. provide stock options in return for equity position
  3. provide slow exit strategy with income stream
  4. allow you to keep your brand
  5. allow you to keep your own tech
  6. require you to adopt the “mother” firm’s brand
  7. require you to adopt their tech
  8. provide management of staff and operations services

Brief list of firms:

AMG Wealth Partners
Beacon Pointe
Bronfman Rothschild
Carson Wealth Management
Clearstone Wealth Management (DFA)
Dynasty Capital Strategies
EP Wealth Advisors
Focus Financial
High Tower
Mercer Advisors
Tru Independence

As always, we are here to help if you are unable to navigate the quest for operational excellence.




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