Offboarding 101: How to Say Goodbye to Not-Fit Clients

Off boarding is a strategic planning solution for advisors either working with too many clients or working with clients who no longer fit into a firm’s ideal client profile and drain a firm’s capacity to provide quality service.

Managing vs. Mentoring Staff: How Leadership Styles Affect the Potential for Growth

Why do some businesses thrive year after year while others struggle to make it day in and day out? Essentially, it comes down to leadership. Click here to learn more about the invaluable and fundamental leadership style that makes all the difference.

Addressing Change Over Changes

It can be painful to admit, especially as a business leader, that you don’t have all the answers. The only way to truly transform a business is by taking a look at the overall wellness of the firm.

Preventing Workplace Burnout: A Proactive Approach

Over the past decade, there has been no shortage of debate over whether workplace burnout is a “real” condition or a scapegoat for employees. It’s difficult to substantiate a syndrome or condition when there is no quantitative way to measure it.

How Off Boarding Clients Helped My Client Improve the Client Experience and Sustainable Growth

Letting clients go can be a difficult decision and continually hiring new employees wasn’t the best solution to growth. Here is the story of how one firm used Facet Wealth to thrive!

Shiny Object Syndrome or S.O.S. Cry for Help?

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are hard-wired to be problem-solvers. When something isn’t working, it is in our nature and in support of our passion that we commit to finding a solution. The first step to de-cluttering the mess and freeing yourself…

Getting the “Buy In” for Change: Addressing Collaboration

Business leaders find themselves needing to strategize and implement fresh, new initiatives. More often than not, these initiatives require the dreaded “c” word—collaboration. The success rests on the team’s ability to come together and work toward a common goal. But why do so many people tend to freak out or step away when asked to collaborate?

Client Segmentation frees you to grow and prosper

To achieve success, firms must decide to service less, off board clients, or hire additional staff. While lowering services or off-boarding clients seems unthinkable, so does adding more staff to manage unprofitable or not-fit clients. Here are 4 tips…

Growing profitably and with less effort

Whether starting your financial advisory business or managing a growing client list and workload, outsourcing to virtual staff allows you to quickly and flexibly scale your business without sacrificing profit margins or work-life balance.

Stop dying and start living! Why you MUST learn to build a strategy team to experience positive growth, culture, and profitability

Without a strong strategic team, you can kiss away the idea of positive growth, culture, and profitability. Here is how to build a great team…

Simplifying the management of a Tax and Wealth Management business

Managing a tax and wealth management business isn’t easy. But it can be. And it is the fastest and least expensive way to grow a wealth management business. After helping several businesses get it right, here is my “tip” list.

I blame Michael Kitces and myself

Let’s play the blame game! I blame Michael Kitces for pushing the independent industry into the modern age of continuous learning. I blame Michael Kitces for forcing me to lengthen my attention span so I can listen to more than a 5-minute sound bite. But the truth is….

The IDEOS™ method to transforming your mind and business

Below is the cliff notes primer on my IDEOS™ method and initiative planning that has helped transform hundreds of businesses over the years. Feel free to apply it to your business and share with other business owners.

Improving Time and Energy Management and the Client Experience

It’s time for you to introduce this idea to your business. You and your staff will love the time blocking that makes your day more sane and predictable. Your prospects, CIOs, and clients will also love the 24/7 accessibility to you.

Staffing: Attracting the Right People to the Right Roles

You put processes and technology to work to reduce human labor on time-consuming and unnecessary tasks, so now is the perfect time to reassess the remaining workload and redefine your team’s organizational structure.

The benefits of automating your processes (with a few tech tips)

Has it been years since you last took a fresh look at your business processes? Efficient business processes are critical to the successful management of every financial advisory business. 

Lining up your Ducks – Get your business in good order

A week or so ago, I asked readers of Inside Information to help me compile a checklist of the basic information that would need to be passed on to a successor of your business. As you’ll see below, I’ve compiled the outlines of a checklist from more than 100 messages that I received, many of them offering a piece of the overall puzzle.

Gut check and how Women can learn from Men

I believe women have more digestive issues than men because we don’t trust our gut. After 20 years in a male-dominated industry (financial services), I watch…

Which comes first – Improving processes, Recalibrating staff, or Implementing technology?

Most advisory firms can tell a story of poor tech adoption, failed attempts to improve a process, or staff management issues. We can tell a different, happier story and share the secret sauce (that isn’t really a secret).

The crucial process that no one is building – How to Off Board a Client

We can talk about great efficient processes until we are blue in the face. However, the most important process that growing firms need is the  client off-boarding process. So how do you create this process and what does it take?

Diamond Teams by Herbers and ignoring the crucial element to achieving success

The Diamond Team concept, created by Herbers, is a great piece of the overall staffing pie. However, advisor owners are ignoring the “Advisory Department” blue box and the need for C Level roles and responsibilities. If you want to develop Diamond Teams, here are 3 steps to follow:

DIY tips to improving your processes

Process improvements produce permanent solutions, capacity among staff, and a better client experience. The most difficult part of improving is getting started so here are a few tips to make it easier:

Question Bursting and how to implement this great method to solving business problems

Businesses naturally resort to quick business pain-killers and forget to ask the right questions. However, the right questions lead us to permanent, impactful solutions. Rushing to answers is like

Learn how to become a Professional Buyer of Advisory Businesses

Per PFI, numerous industry studies point to record levels of deal making in 2018. The volume of deals is expected to increase dramatically as many advisors want “out” of operational responsibilities and back office management. However,

Performance reporting is dead… a repeat of my 2014 message

In April 2014, I sent this article below to 2 major magazines in our industry. Both were shocked, reviewed it thoroughly, confirmed the trend with other sources, and then said they couldn’t publish it.

The How-To for advisors on managing Alternative Investments and examples of expert, trusted solutions

Wirehouse branch managers drill into the minds of their advisors that the RIA channel is small, archaic, and does not support sophisticated alternative investment solutions.

Follow the money – knowing how your providers get paid

  I have been interviewed by thousands of advisors over the years. Not one firm has proactively asked us to explain ALL sources of our revenue. I thought it odd as we live in an industry that believes in full disclosure and transparency. We all know that providers are crucial to the success of our … read more

Penny-wise solutions to improving your client experience and business

The client experience is directly correlated to the growth and profitability of an advisory business. So it’s no surprise that businesses are spending valuable time and money trying to improve their client experience. Unfortunately most advisory businesses aren’t experiencing the results they expected. They were hoping the improved experience would attract more clients and reduce … read more

Stereotyping and why it matters this time

Joni of Commonwealth wrote that we should all drop the ageist stereotypes. I respectfully disagree with her advice to “drop and chill”. But before I go into my reasons and solutions to this problem, I have to admit that I had to look up the word “ageist”. It turns out that reading 140 character sound … read more

The difference between a business and practice – and not getting left behind

Many experts, such as Mark Tibergien, Forbes, FP Transitions’ Grau, have written about the difference between a practice and a business. Here are our list of differences from an operations point of view. COO’S TOP TEN DIFFERENCES: Practice is the repeated exercise in or performance of an activity or skill so as to acquire or maintain … read more

Coffee shops and how business owners allow them to waste time and money

We all search for the least chaotic place to work and think. However, your location could hurt your productivity. Here’s why…. When we do our ops strategy calls with our business owners, they expect us to hear everything they say. They also expect quick, smart answers and solutions to their business hurdles. We are not … read more

Providing the best experience for consumers and advisory firms

Pershing Panel on Integration being Key to Delivering Optimized, Digitized, Ultimate Experience Gartner’s Paul Sussman, Albridge’s Tony Johnson, NextCapital’s Rob Foregger, and I discussed and answered questions at Pershing’s Integration, Optimization, and Digitization panel. In hindsight, I believe most of the crowd got stuck on the word “integration”. They thought we were discussing basic data … read more

It’s Time for Kaizen! Infuse Lean Thinking into the Financial Planning Process

Kaizen (改善?): Japanese for “change for better“. (Wikipedia) By Guest Author Landon Tymochko, CFP ®  I am a Black Belt. Not the Bruce Lee, or Tai Kwan Do kind, but the Lean Six Sigma type. If you’re confused, it’s probably because you haven’t yet heard of the practice of Lean Thinking. However, you probably experience … read more

Building Your Virtual COO: A quick solution to improving the Staff Experience

   I’m back with the next step in building out your virtual COO! We’ve found that functions, roles, and responsibilities are not being reviewed enough to find methods to eliminate work and burnout. We all know that your people represent your firm. If they aren’t well-utilized or are overworked, this can negatively impact the client and … read more

Tired of being a business owner? Consider talking to this evolving list of RIAs or Equity Partners..

  We understand that not every owner wants to manage a growing business.  Fortunately, there are many firms you can join, have as an equity partner, or be acquired by. Each offers a different arrangement such as: provide cash in return for equity position provide stock options in return for equity position provide slow exit strategy … read more

A few worksheets to help improve your business profitability and operational excellence

We had a great time building out tech plans and identifying capacity gaps at T3 Tech Tools this year! The take away worksheets are shown below. As always, we are here to help if you would like help navigating as you strive for operational excellence. Click HERE to subscribe to our complimentary monthly Solutions newsletter Sincerely, … read more

What Is a Virtual COO?

I am very excited that we are about to kick off a new series about how to build your own virtual COO. The following posts will pick apart each of the operations of the business and we will talk about the tools, the people, and the integration of each. Today, we want to explain what … read more

Creating Better Connectivity with Clients and your Audience

We live in the age of communication. And there are more ways to communicate today than ever before. “Did you get that email I sent? Or the text? Or the tweet?” There’s no doubt you have heard these statements more than once. Communicating has definitely gotten easier but that doesn’t guarantee what you’re saying is … read more

Process Automation Done the Redtail CRM Way

Financial professionals often have a lot on their plate. From meeting with clients to managing their team, there are just too many things to oversee. In today’s competitive and fast-paced business landscape, micromanaging won’t cut it anymore. You need to be able to do more with less time. One of the most efficient ways to unload tasks is by automating them.

Top 2 tech tools and solutions to lowering burnout and the workload

  Burnout of owners is happening all over the USA. Here are a few ideas to lower the workload and eliminate burnout. #1 We did a webinar with Chris Holman, Executive Coach and discussed signs and solutions to burnout. Check it out and look for the list of ideas!   #2. We LOVE appointment scheduling … read more

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